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The first 23 songs are linked to my adventure.

Add your own musical inspirations to keep me motivated on the road.



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About Ste: 

 I’m Steven White, age 23. On the 1st of April 2019, I will set off on my biggest adventure to date: an 18,000 mile (+) solo and unsupported cycle challenge around the world. 






Ever since I was sixteen I've had a crazy dream, which I revisited at key milestones in my life, until I decided to question...why not?  Every time I rode the bike the passion grew stronger and so did the calling of the journey. I firmly believe that all my experiences working abroad, my degree and solo adventures have given me the confidence to head out on this adventure.


Riding my bike is a very personal pursuit. I've always cycled solo but I've come to realise it's never a solo experience. When you reach out to people there's always a story to be told. The bike also offers such a unique style of travel and access into people's lives, unlike no other. Over the past few years, whilst working overseas for Holiday Property Bond, I've always cycled to explore new areas, taking them in at the pace of a bike - for me, confirming the bike is the perfect tool to explore the world.




‘It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them’ 
                                          Ernest Hemingway




What's The Plan?


The plan's always changing. You can find my proposed route on the 'Where's Ste?' page (when viewed via computer) and you can also track me when I'm on the move via the 'Follow My Challenge' link. 


I have a year to complete the challenge. I am, first and foremost doing this to see the world so I will have to keep reminding myself to live in the moment and to welcome further opportunities to explore as they arise!


Secondly, I want to test my mind and body. I've always loved endurance endeavours and need to determine whether this is my area. This is something I have to do and I believe I can... throwing myself into the deep end perhaps, but I'll swim.   



"This trip will change your life! Honestly, the best ride you’ll ever have. Get a Brooks saddle and a steel bike and see the world."

Sean Conway

(Endurance Adventurer)

Eating on the move
Madeira 2018
Mount Teide Spotted from LA Gomera
Black and White
Rising Sun
HPB Dordogne
Henllys North Wales, HPB
Saving lives
Madeira 2018
Funchal Madeira
Stanhope 2018 Dec
North Wales
Aber Falls, North Wales
Luka Puka
Norway 2015
The Unflappable
Gardens of Marqueyssac
Nuns Valley, Madeira 2018
Hill Prep 30%
Madeira 2018
Nuns Valley, Madeira 2018
Mountain to Fjord Trip
Sarlet Dordogne 2018
Saint Larent de Baton
Gabo Girão Madeira
France 2018
Three wise monkeys
Looking West
Looking East
France 2018
Le Vent A La Francaise
Bowl Haircuts 1998 Scotland
All Grown UP
HPB Tours 2017
Leading Cycle Tours
La Gomera 2018
La Gomera 2018
La Gomera 2018
Jasper Cressey Spotted in La Gomera
Alexi and the Best Gin
Madeira's Steepest Climb
Madeira, 2017
Sleepy Dogs (Madeira)
September in Constant, HPB 2017
Rocamadour, Balloon Festival 2017
Hammock Setup, Rocamadour
Ste White
Mamma/Dora the Explorer
Tour de France, Sprint finish
Catch of the day (Catfish)
Touring the Dordogne
Hammock Setup, Rocamadour
Dordogne 2017
Birthday Ride 2017, Dordogne
Ste and Issac, Head Chef
Ste and Fermin, La Gomera
Swan Dive, South Wales 2017
Alhambra Granada 2016
Alfaix HPB 2016
Foot Hills of Sierra Cabbrera, Spain
Alfaix HPB, Spain 2016
Mt. Teide, Cycle Trip
Tenerife 2016
Goat Man
Don't forget your sandwiches
La Gomera, South Facing 2016
Norway 2015, Pulpit rock
Those Dolphins Though...
Ste & Alexi
Ste & Alexi
1 Racket Down
Prep Before a Micro Adventure
Coaching in La Gomera 2016
Football Thursdays (La Gomera)
North Pennines 2013
3 Musketeers
Dog sledging, Norway 2015
Gardens of Marqueyssac
Life is good with a pint of 1664
Sarlet Dordogne 2018
Teal Riding Shotgun
Norway Team 2015
Dog sledging with Sharon.
Mountain to fjord trip ☀️🚵
Photo Credit Jenny Hannananann
Spanish Mother
Casa Padron
Tigh Mor bums
Hill Prep Madeira 2018
Hill Prep
Anglesey North Wales 2018
La Gomera Touring Day
Ste and Skye
Ste and Skye
Restrap outfit (La Gomera)
La Gomera. Fine Steeds.
Chalkie's Adventure
Constant Sunrise 2017
Ello There
Ste and Teal, Rocamadour
Dordogne 2018
Dordogne 2018
St Julien, Dordogne 2018
Beynac, Dordogne 2018
Sarlet, Dordogne 2018
Dordogne 2018
Bordeaux 2018
Aero Bars
Norway 2015
Dog Sledging 2015
Trolltunga Norway 2015
Trolltunga 2015
Trolltunga, Norway 2015
NORWAY 🇳🇴 2015
Norway 2015
Free Ski Hut
Hip Flasks and Views
USA 2013
Luke, Sven and Will - Norway 2015
Canoe Trip, Norway 2015
Norway 2015
Jais, Daneil and Sharon Canoeing
Norway 2015. What was I thinking?
La Gomera 2018
La Gomera 2017
Malvern Hills 2015

Mind Support 




My message is based on the grounds of 'being you' - whatever your heart dictates - go for it! Whatever the outcome, no matter what others say...do the things you want to do and become the person you want to be. I believe we can be our own worst enemies sometimes; I have always been an over-thinker! This is me...and this is my adventure!


'Go Be You'

A dual purpose is served in combining my passion for adventure with fundraising for the charity ‘Mind’. My journey will both support this worthy cause and promote the benefits of cycling as a means of bridging the gap between a healthy mind and body. Current research recognises the interdependent nature of these two key elements as being essential to overall good health. 


See the blog link by Joe Wicks who cites the Department of Health's current (2017) findings:

The Body Coach

I first came across the charity 'Mind' and its

'Get Set to Go' programme when writing my dissertation on how exercise benefits the mind. This programme encourages people to find a physical activity which they enjoy (and are therefore more likely to maintain) in order to support themselves socially, mentally and physically. 'Get Set to Go' originally started in 2015 and is still achieving fantastic results across the country. Consequently, I hope to support this programme by helping to spread this vital message. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you feel as passionate as I do about making a difference. Please support and share my epic adventure and its message! 

















'Get Set to Go'

Mind Support Number: 8677695


Chasing The Dream 


Supported by: 

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Sensible Ideas Since



Chalkie's Adventure

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